YotaPhone: Dual Screen Phone with LCD & E-ink Screen at MWC February 2013


A unique breakthrough has been offered by YotaPhone – a smartphone from Russia. The phone used dual screen with different screen type each other. It uses LCD screen on one side and the other side uses E-ink screen. The screen is 4.3 inch, the LCD has resolution 1280 x 720px with Gorilla Glass layer, while the E-ink has resolution 200 dpi.


The use of E-ink screen was intended for taking a look at data like facebook update, weather forecast, tweets and stock quotes without having to wake the device from the power saving mode. The benefit of the E-ink technology is extremely low power, clearly seen and also easily readable in direct sunlight.

YotaPhone is equipped with Dual Core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor, 2.100 mAh battery, 2GB of RAM, two optional internal memory 32/64 GB. The phone also uses LTE connectivity plus 12 MegaPixel camera on the back & 720p camera at the front.

Two different screens could possibly in principle boost the all round thickness than the single-screen phone, however Yota has maintained to ensure that it stays under 10mm thick, which includes a bodyweight of merely 140 grams. There is no exact information about the price of YoyaPhone, but Yota has affirmed the contribution at MWC next February, so be ready to learn more regarding the YotaPhone then.

YotaPhone: Dual Screen Phone with LCD & E-ink Screen at MWC February 2013

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