Maxtron MG529, Super Cheap Clone of Sony Xperia Play Gaming Phone


Here’s a “wise” solution for those of you who like to play games on mobile phone. A cheap mobile phone that adopted the design of the Sony Xperia Play gaming phone has ready to be released by Maxtron. It’s named Maxtron MG529. This phone has sliding side and it looks similar to the Sony PSP gamepad which is also available on the Xperia Play. Users will be very enjoy when playing favorite games, because Maxtron MG529 screen has a 3.2-inch touch screen.

Like the other local gaming phone, Maxtron MG529 is also equipped with a special emulator to play the game. For the game itself has a standard format using ROM NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and the ROM of the games are stored in external memory microSD.

Sony Xperia Play

Not just to play the game, this local gaming phone is also supports Dual-SIM GSM and ready to pamper you with the Analog TV, digital camera, Radio, Video Player, and social networking applications.

Although it doesn’t support 3G network, but you will still be able to surf smoothly or just chat or access your Facebook and Twitter. In terms of connectivity, Maxtron MG529 supports Bluetooth and USB data cable. Reportedly Maxtron MG529 is priced with a range of $ 46 USD. Wow, it’s very cheap. So, do you interested to have it?

Maxtron MG529, Super Cheap Clone of Sony Xperia Play Gaming Phone

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