Facebook Is Testing the New Voice Chat Feature in Canada


Not quite satisfied with chat feature, and now Facebook is testing its Voice Chat feature in Canada. This feature allows the users with iOS-based handsets making calls through Wi-Fi connection by using Messenger application. The service was based on VoIP, just like Skype, but it looks like Google Talk. When the test success in Canada, most likely this feature will soon be widely available.

Voice mail messages through this feature will only be recorded via mobile messenger application, but still can be heard on a mobile device or on a computer. The + button has been provided at the messenger, just press this button and press ‘record’ then you can start your voicemail recorded, then your message will be sent. If you hesitate to send a voice message, just sweep the screen to cancel the delivery of voice messages.

This service only works on iOS and Android-based handsets and the voice messages can be recorded with a duration of 1 minute. Looks like the Facebook is a bit late show about the seriousness of this voice chat feature. According to the plan, voicemail service will become a paid service.

Facebook Is Testing the New Voice Chat Feature in Canada

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