Fulton Wireless Charging Technology from Tablet to Mobile Phone


We’re sure that there are so many readers who take the tablet and also mobile phone. A great idea has been launched by Fulton Technology. Fulton that also known with the wireless charging technology will introduce a tablet that can also serve as a backup battery for mobile phones that use wireless charging.

The capacity of the battery in the tablet usually is bigger than the battery of a mobile phone. Fulton idea is quite nice and helpful where we can utilize the battery in the tablet to be given to a dying mobile phone battery. The back side of the tablet will be used as a board (induction) that can transfer power to a mobile phone that also uses wireless charging technology (Qi technology).

The advantage, we can still use the wireless charging as long as we take the tablet and we will not need to carry a separate induction board. The disadvantage, we can not use the tablet while charging the phone battery.

Fulton Wireless Charging Technology from Tablet to Mobile Phone

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