Acer and Xolo Showed New Phones with Intel Atom Z2420 Processor at CES 2013


The presence of the latest generation of mobile processor which was made ​​by the “giant” chip manufacturer – Intel has brought a blessing for the latest range of mobile devices which was made by Acer and Xolo. It attracts some of the world’s major manufacturers including Acer and Xolo, which has been successfully adopted the processor to one of their latest devices.

On the sidelines of the participation in the event of the Customer Electronics Show 2013 which was held in Las vegas, Acer and Xolo rumored recently demonstrated its latest smartphone that powered by the latest generation of mobile processor that was made ​​by Intel, it’s the Atom Z2420. This CPU model which has a codename Lexington is a Single Core 1.2 GHz processor with the capability of Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology in it.

With such capabilities, in addition to supposedly capable of providing support to display 1080p video and high-quality HSPA + connectivity, it also reliable handles Dual SIM of existing mobile devices. So far, unfortunately, there is no specific information related to the hardware specifications of the latest Intel-based smartphone that made ​​by Acer and Xolo’s.

Acer and Xolo Showed New Phones with Intel Atom Z2420 Processor at CES 2013

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