Almost 25% of Smartphone Users Use Their Smartphone for Facebook Apps


When we need to answer a question about what kind application usually we used in our smartphone, what is your answer? If your answer is a Facebook application, then you have similar habits to smartphone users in the United States. According to data from comScore, Facebook application is an application that is run by many smartphone users in the United States. From these data, a total of 23 percent of users of iOS and Android smartphones using their gadget to open the Facebook apps.

The popularity of Facebook applications were outnumbered overall level of Google’s applications usage like the Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Android Market, Google Search, and other Google applications. Strangely enough, especially Android itself is an OS which developed by Google. Another interesting point is the level of Instagram app usage. This data shows that the step to acquire Instagram is good decision, because Instagram gained 3 percent usage rate.

Almost 25% of Smartphone Users Use Their Smartphone for Facebook Apps

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