Humiliating Experience, Plunged to Pool While Typing SMS


Be careful when walking while typing or sending text messages on mobile phones. If not, then you could have humiliating experience, as experienced by a British woman, Laura Safe. She was too busy typing a message to his girlfriend and she did not realize there was a pool of water in front of him. Safe finally realized the presence of the canal after she felt in to it.

This incident apparently recorded by a security camera that is not far from that location. From the video can be seen that Safe coming down the stairs, while typing a message on her smartphone. Safe only see her smartphone screen, making it unable to recognize the existence of a large canal that lies in front of her.

Safe apparently not alone, the incidence of “false step” that experienced by Safe also afflicts many people. In March, a woman in Michigan fell into the river while sending text messages. In August, a man fell from a bridge, a few moments after he sent the message, “I have to stop sending text messages”.

According to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission in July 2012, more than 1150 people in America should go to the hospital in 2011 and due to an accident caused by “distracted when walking”. So, be careful when sending text messages. Stop it first, if you want to send the message.

Some videos about the humiliating experience while typing message/sms.

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