PixelTone: Easy Image Editing Application Via a Voice Command


To edit a photo with image editing application for some people is not easy, especially when they saw the menu with so much options, sometimes it’s confusing. PixelTone is a kind of image editing application that combines voice command and touch technology to facilitate ordinary users (especially for users of tablet or touch screen) where they can edit a photo with just a voice command and a touch of a finger.

With PixelTone, we simply say a command then the picture will automatically perform editing. For example, to increase the light level (brightness) in a photo with a little bit dark, just say “change the brightness” then the photo will automatically become brighter but if you don’t like it, we can still make adjustments manually through the touch of our finger.

In addition, it can also record PixelTone area in the photo to be able to distinguish people’s faces in the photos or objects in an image, so for example when we want to change a person’s face to be more light, then just say “increase saturation on Sara”. Essentially, PixelTone will minimize command that we can do by clicking on the menu with voice commands. See the video for more detail.

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