Hot News: iPhone 5S Production Has Been Started at Foxconn Factory?


A hot rumor about the latest products from Apple, the iPhone 5S has pushed back. A Japanese website, Macotakara, claimed that they had obtained information that a Foxconn has begun the production of Apple iPhone 5S. According to Apple’s track record in recent years, most likely the iPhone for this year will have the letter ‘S’ and thereafter, in 2014, they will produce a new iPhone 6.

And, still from Macotakara report, they stated that the iPhone 5S will have a similar design to iPhone 5. However, Apple will provide some different options than the previous generation. In addition, the iPhone 5S will also be equipped with better internal specs and a better camera. If this news is true, then the launch of the iPhone 5S will be conducted in the near future. And, Apple iPhone 5S looks like will be launched at the WWDC which will be held in June 2013.

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