Wow, CEO of Nokia Throw an iPhone to Floor


CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop seems to have their own way of expressing his feelings about the iPhone. As reported by Cnet, last week Elop attended an interview with a Finnish TV. In the live broadcast program with the host of the event, Hjallis Harkimo seen repeatedly asked about the Nokia 928 which is rumored to be released in the United States in the near future.

Elop who claimed did not know anything about the Nokia 928 trying to dodge and steer the conversation to the Lumia 620, a low-end Windows Phone mobile phone which was introduced last January. And looks like he get upset because he didn’t got response as he wants, the host then issued his iPhone and said, “Oh, what a shame.”

“I do not want an iPhone, I want Nokia!” exclaimed Harkimo. “Here, let me solve the problem,” said Elop. And then he grabbed the iPhone from Harkimo’s hand and threw it. A moment later we can hear the crash from outside the field of view of the camera. “Well, the problem is lost,” Elop said and laughing. Check the video below for more detail.

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