NEC Medias X 06E, the World’s First Smartphone That Equipped with Water Cooling System


A computer that utilizes a liquid cooling system is not a new thing. But what if the cooling system that utilizes the liquid was found on a smart phone? Well this is that offered by NEC, it’s named NEC Medias X 06E. With features that take advantage of the liquid coolant, this phone was to be the world’s first smartphone that uses a liquid cooling system. Interestingly, this phone is also offered with a beautiful design and is targeted for women, especially with the accessories like pendants that can light up when there is a notification.

On the inside, this phone uses a quad-core processor Snapdragon S4 Pro with 1.7GHz speed. The processor is also covered with fluid-carrying pipe as a coolant. With that way, the processor can work optimally without overheating. In addition, this phone has a screen measuring 4.7 inches with HD resolution. At the rear, there is a 13.1MP camera. This phone possibility can not be found in the international market. NEC party said that this mobile phone for the Japanese market and can be bought through a telephone operator NTT DoCoMo. Quite interesting isn’t it?

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