Sailfish OS Now Supports Android Applications & All Hardware for Android Mobile Phone


A company that founded by the former of Nokia employees – Jolla – today announced that they have developed operating system (Sailfish OS) and now it can be used on the Android phone. In addition, the operating system can be used to run Android applications.

The existence of these features must also provide another good option for producers or for consumers smartphone. Consumers, especially, can get other experiences using an operating system but still be able to obtain the features that possessed by the Android mobile phone.

CEO of Jolla, Tomi Pienimaki also trying to take care of the Nokia lovers after the Microsoft acquisition. The Sailfish smartphone is available for pre order via the official website of the company. Pienimaki said that the step was related to the burgeoning demand for Jolla smartphone. “It is targeted for Finnish consumers who want to express their passion for the Finnish mobile industry,” he said.

Sailfish OS is embedded on Jolla smartphones which is an operating system that developed from Meego OS. As it is known, Meego OS was developed by Nokia and it is used on the Nokia N9.

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