Ryan Seacrest Interested to Invest to Typo iPhone Keyboard Case


Ryan Seacrest is the host of a famous TV show – American Idol – as iPhone and also Blackberry user who want to feel the comfort of QWERTY keypad, so he became the investor of a product called Typo iPhone keyboard. It is an iPhone case plus a QWERTY keyboard with keys that look like a Blackberry.

What Ryan do by using 2 phones with 2 different functions, Blackbbery and iPhone also done by many people, so Ryan was aware that the iPhone keyboard case is a product that has a huge market.

The Typo price is not cheap, it’s about $99 USD. Athough it has expensive price, but the keyboard promising maximum function for the iPhone so that Ryan Seacrest dared poured funds 1 million USD dollars to the manufacturer of Typo iPhone keyboard.

Ryan himself had tried to use a variety of similar products on the market, but not satisfied with all of the products. Currently, Typo iPhone keyboard still not available on the market, but it will be present at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early 2014 soon.

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