First Sale in International Markets, 10 Thousand Xiaomi Smartphones Sold in Less than 10 Minutes


Chinese company Xiaomi has now initiate the steps to go international. As an early stage, they had just sold the smartphone products in Taiwan. The result, as many as 10 thousand units of Xiaomi Hong Mi smartphones sold in less than 10 minutes, exactly in 9 minutes and 50 seconds.

The number of the sales are also very much when compared to the Xiaomi when selling the products in their own country. Previously, they have managed to record sales of 100 thousand units Mi3 in just 90 seconds. In addition, they also have sold as many as 150 thousand units Mi3 via WeChat within 10 minutes.

When compared with the flash sales records in China, the Xiaomi sales number in Taiwan is fairly small. However, the record, Xiaomi smartphone sales in Taiwan is a first step towards the international market. So you could say the first step the Chinese company is quite impressive.

Previously, Xiaomi also revealed that they would explore the Southeast Asian market in 2014. More precisely, they would open a branch in the country of Singapore.

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