Eco-Mobius By ZTE to Compete Ara Project , Modular Smartphone Project


Smartphones with specifications that could be changed as wishes of its owner is a good breakthrough. Not surprisingly, the Chinese company, ZTE follow the steps of Motorola with modular project smartphone (Ara Project).


To compete with the project, ZTE has just introduced the Eco – Mobius. However, ZTE party in CES 2014 booth said that they were not going to develop this project. Possibly because of the process of development that will be very difficult.

But it seems so clear that from the concept, the possibility of the owner of a smartphone in a modular could upgrade it easily. This modular smartphone also allows the owner to be able to change a variety of things such as cameras, ROM, CPU, GPU, RAM, etc with ease.


The project has been announced by ZTE in the last year. Eco – Mobius is implemented in order to produce a more eco-friendly smartphone. Instead of taking out the trash intact a smartphone, ZTE considers it will be better weed out some of the components of the smartphone.

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